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Strategy and objectives

A company that delivers quality and excellence to real-estate developments and its clients. We are strongly established in areas closer to home such as Terrassa and the Vallés region in general, as well as in the metropolitan areas of Barcelona and Madrid.

Our craft is to do the job right, while at the same time diversifying our products and markets. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. This is accomplished through our qualified and committed staff. Our management is centred on solid values: professionalism, rigour, ethics, quality, and long-term vision.

CopcisaPromo is primarily focussed on land management, real-estate development for primary residences and industrial developments, as well as tertiary and commercial land.

Our brand is a synonym for both guarantee and quality. Track-record, know-how and our clients are our best references.

Our management focusses on a quality service to the client and a quality product.